not sure if you actually NEED a birth photographer?


family, post birth, sitting on the couch. dad kissing mom's forehead, while little boy and midwife look at the baby
woman in a birth pool, holding her just birthed baby on her chest, hugging tightly and crying, while dad touches mom
mom lying on the bed, with just birthed baby lying on her chest, face up, looking right at the camera

okay, okay, you might not NEED me, but let me tell you why you should ...

There is a very common misconception, that birth photography is me just taking pics of your baby coming out of your vagina. while I CAN do that and often times do (if you choose) that is not what birth photography is all about. It's more than that. it's about documenting the raw, the real, the emotional and sacred moments of your birth story-

from laboring with your chosen people, to laughing between contractions, to special moments with your partner and other children, to those sweet first moments snuggling your new baby, and everything in between. It's capturing moments you may not even remember, until you see the photos afterward. Birth can turn into a blur so quickly, and is one of the many reasons why I truly believe that birth photography is so important.

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man, comforting his wife in the birth tub at the birth center. touching her belly
man crying at the sight of his wife, in bed, holding the baby she just gave birth to
man and wife holding baby in an herbal bath at the birth center, immediately after giving birth

"I just don't have the funds for birth photography..."

I hear you friend, and I've been in your shoes.

Birth photography IS an investment and is often seen as an extra, non-essential purchase. BUT what if I told you that it IS essential? STAY WITH ME....

What if I told you that birth photos aren't just a fun, beautiful thing to have after birth? but a healing, transformative, life changing purchase?

I, along with a lot of my clients, have found actual healing and a new perspective of ourselves and partners, through our birth photos. You really do lose track of what's happening with yourself, and what's happening around you, when you're in the depths of labor-land and birth. Being able to look back and see how you stepped into your power, see how capable and strong you are, and see yourself for the badass woman that you are. THAT alone would be worth the investment, but there are so many more amazing benefits.

You get to see all the moments you were unaware of, the still moments, the raw emotion, and everything surrounding you. You get to relive your favorite moments over and over again, as the years go by, and the photos appreciate more and more. You get to show your children their birth story, and there is nothing quite like the awe on their face, getting to see their mom bring them into the world. (my four year old asks to see her birth pictures all the time, because she loves seeing them so much)

That being said, I understand that not everyone is in the same financial boat. I remember having zero money for anything extra, with my first baby, and someone paid for our maternity photos as a baby gift. Three and half years after we took those photos, my daughter's father passed away. Those photos are not just prized and cherished by me, but also our daughter. You never know just HOW special and important your photos will be. A great way to come up with funds for birth photography, is to add it to your registry or make it the only thing on your registry and buy everything else secondhand. Letting people know how important it is to you, can go a long way!

My desire is for every woman/family to have the opportunity to have their births documented.

I offer several different packages and payment plans. Don't see something that works for you?

Message me, and we will figure this out together. Ask me about off-call pricing.

you could have these kinds of pictures

(me in labor with my first baby )

cell phone image of a woman in a labor and delivery bed in 2008

OR these kinds of pictures

(me in labor with my third baby)

woman lying back in the bathtub, eyes closed, exhaling, doing hypnobirthing, while laboring

don't be me. don't sleep on a beautifully documented birth.