this is us ^

I am married to my best friend and together, we have three children. Our days are long, but man.... our years are so short.

This season of life is hard, but so very sweet. My oldest is driving, and my youngest is in diapers- it's definitely a crazy circus most days, but I love my ring leader and monkeys so much. We live in West McKinney, and love family walks to Sprouts, bike rides through the neighborhood, iced coffee dates, and running on very little sleep (okay, I don't love that part). You'll often find my oldest daughter with me, as my assistant, at non-birth shoots! She's 15 and my favorite teenager in the world. She's taking a high school photography course, and loves helping me/watching me in action. It's a wild life, and one I never imagined would be what it is, but I'm here for it.

a woman with a family, FOR women and families.

Birth is a sacred journey, and no matter where you birth, it is a sacred space. I truly believe in taking special care, to hire/have persons that you vibe with (and feel comfortable with) in that sacred space.... not just the photographer, but anyone. Birth puts us at our most vulnerable, and being surrounded by people you are at ease with, can truly be the difference in a good birth experience. I am a doula, and as such, I know when to hold space for you, capture you, and when to step out and give you your own space. I am not afraid to stand up for you, or step in for you, if you need me to. I am simply a woman, for women. I am passionate about what I do, and want you to feel that, reflected in my being and my work ethic.

fun facts:


fun Fact 1

I'm a crunchy, holistic, homeschool mom of three- ages 15, 4, and 22 months.


fun Fact 2

I grew up in east Texas, and moved to north DFW when I met and fell in love with my hubs. IYKYK.


fun Fact 3

I love staying fit, doing rebounding, stretching/yoga, and aerobic style exercise.


fun Fact 4

I've breastfed three babies, and have donated/sold over 10,000 oz of breast milk in the last three years.

we are women, hear us roar....or moan...or scream...or be quiet

In birth, sometimes we roar, sometimes we're quiet, aaand sometimes we poop ourselves. So, if you're looking for a photographer who loves what she does, has personally birthed three different ways, isn't judgey, doesn't care if you poop yourself, makes sure your special moments and emotions are beautifully captured, gives you photos that help you see just how your story unfolded and how badass you are, has a heart for women/families, and loves a good margarita and latin dancing.
Hi, I'm your girl :)

another fun fact: my teenage daughter used my camera to snap these pics of me in labor. my birth was happening so fast, I was afraid our birth photographer wouldn't make it in time!

-she made it just ten minutes before I had baby, so I will always be thankful for these labor pictures and how special it is that my oldest daughter captured them for me-


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